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>Maikonungirinn – Ginsberg in translation 2


In the last post, we asked you to listen to “America” and “A Supermarket in California” in Lithuanian. How about “Death to Van Gogh’s Ear” in Icelandic?!

Eirikur Orn Nieodahl‘s Maikonungirinn, (Howl), published in an edition with a format not unlike the famous City Lights book, came out in 2oo9. Eirikur, still in his early thirties, remains one of the youngest of Allen’s translators. Poet, novelist (three novels published so far!), translator, performer, his notes on Allen, “Allen Ginsberg Reference Frame” (basic biographical information) can be accessed here. His own work, leaning significantly on the performative and the experimental, may be heard here and here. Recent involvement with the American “Flarf” collective, and one member in particular, Sharon Mesmer, (a sometime student of Allen’s at Brooklyn College), led to this lively and stimulating exchange.


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