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>Lew Welch Speaks From Beyond The Grave

>Allen Ginsberg and Lew Welch 1963
[Lew Welch and Allen Ginsberg outside City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, October 30, 1963, (the day of the Madame Nhu protest) – photo c. John Doss]

The recordings of the San Francisco State University Poetry Archives are, as we have dubbed them, “More Beat Treasures“. We’ve been featuring them this week. Here’s another – from that seemingly-inexhaustible trove – their 1959 recording of the legendary Lew Welch, reading and commenting on his work.
He reads “Chicago Poem” (speaks about his time spent in Chicago), and reads his famous “Wobbly Rock”, and his virtuoso musical engagement, “A Round of English for Philip Whalen”.

(Philip Whalen‘s own Poetry Center reading, which took place a few years before, (alongside Lawrence Ferlinghetti), can, incidentally, be easily accessed here).

More recordings of Lew Welch are available – both on this site (via City Lights) – “He Remains: Lew Welch Reads From His Work, 1968” – audio of a “raucous evening at San Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church, June 1968”
– and here, (courtesy Robert Creeley), on the incomparable PennSound – two tapes, the first, the most substantial, an extensive reading at the Magic Lantern, Santa Barbara, April 1967, (“luxuriously long..the poet reads practically all of his major works”, notes the curator for PennSound), the second, a brief recording from Spring 1969 at San Francisco’s Renaissance Corner (Welch reads, in its entirety, the poem “Courses”).
Here’s an iconic poem of Welch’s, here’s another one.. but, quit messing around, you should all just go out and treat yourself to this essential book.

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>CUNY Poetics Document Initiative

>CUNY’s Lost & Found publication project, spearheaded byAmmiel Alcalay, is announcing it’s first batch of booklets available for order. The project publication party last winter at the CUNY Grad Center with a reading by each of the editors reading from their project. A batch of booklets were available there, but now are available through their website. Great stuff here..

Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative


Amiri Baraka & Edward Dorn
Selections from the Collected Letters 1959-1960

The Correspondence of Kenneth Koch & Frank O’Hara 1955-1956 Part I and II

Darwin & The Writers
Muriel Rukeyser

1957-1977 Selections from the Journals Part I and II
Philip Whalen

The 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference / Robert Creeley’s Contexts of Poetry
With Daphne Marlatt’s Journal Entries

Order Here

Upcoming Books

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