>Carolyn Cassady’s Birthday


[Carolyn Cassady]

Carolyn Elizabeth Robinson from Lansing, Michigan, Carolyn Cassady, is 81 years old today.

“The only reason anyone’s interested in me is because I was married to Neal Cassady and the lover of Jack Kerouac”, she declares, forthrightly, at the outset, in the trailer for the new documentary movie Love Always, Caroline, a movie made by two Swedish women, Maria Ramstrom and Malin Korkeasalo, on her blessed and cursed life (a blessed one, mostly!). “This is a film about a woman’s search for personal recognition”, the directors declare, “and the price of a life in the public eye”.

A revealing 2007 interview with Carolyn (by Barnaby Smith) can still be read here.

And a collection of other Carolyn Cassady interviews may be found cited in this post here.

We at the Allen Ginsberg Project wish her a very happy birthday!

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