>Naropa Summer Writing Program Schedule


This is as good a time as any to remind everyone about the legendary Naropa Summer Writing Program and lay down this summer’s list of visiting luminaries.

Week 1 (June 13–19) titled “Gender & Hybridity, and Should We Consider the Cyborg?” brings you the likes of Ana Bozicevic & Amy King, Rebecca Brown, Melissa Buzzeo, Samuel R. Delany, Rob Halpern, Bhanu Kapil, Erica Kaufman, Akilah Oliver, Maureen Owen, Vanessa Place, Max Regan, Julia Seko, giovanni singleton & others.

Week 2 (June 20–26) titled “Fictions: The Story (Narrative and Anti-Narrative)” has Anselm Berrigan, Junior Burke, Rikki Ducornet, Colin Frazer, C.S. Giscombe, Renee Gladman, Anselm Hollo, Laird Hunt, Stephen Graham Jones, David Matlin, Kabir Mohanty & Sharmistha Mohanty, Evie Shockley, Karen Weiser, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Karen Tei Yamashita & more.

Week 3 (June 27–July 3) titled “Ecology, Urgency, Dharma/Activist Poetics”, we’ve got Jack Collom, Andrew Schelling, Marcella Durand, Lara Durback, Jennifer Foerster, Barbara Henning, Laura Mullen, Jed Rasula, Selah Saterstrom, Eleni Sikelianos, Jonathan Skinner, Eleni Stecopoulos, Tyrone Williams & more.

Week 4 (July 4–10) titled “Economics of the Counter-Culture: Performance, Publishing, Collaboration” has got some music heavy-hitters, with Hal Willner, Thurston Moore, Steven Taylor and DJ Spooky, alongside some of Naropa’s long-time guard, Anne Waldman, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Lewis Warsh, Eileen Myles, not to mention, Rick Moody, Harryette Mullen, , Margaret Randall, Jane Sprague, Wesley Tanner, Ambrose Bye, & others.

Check their site for registration details >>

[Get schooled by Thurston Moore, who makes his first appearance in the Summer Writing Program’s lineup, Week 4, July 4-10]



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2 responses to “>Naropa Summer Writing Program Schedule

  1. >One thing I can say, DON'T pay Naropa University a dime! They scam a lot of students out of money for very little return.

  2. >Hey Jessica, Sorry to hear that was yr experience there. Definitely wasn't mine. Of course as with most places there are good years and bad years. I would write them if I were you and give them feedback on it! – Peter

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