>Timothy Leary’s 90th Birthday

[Timothy Leary, Los Angeles March 1992. If you look closely you can see Allen in the mirror taking the photo. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

In celebration, here‘s some vintage Leary audio from 1967 recorded at Alan Watts’ Houseboat Summit, that includes Leary, Watts, Allen and Gary Snyder.

Keep a lookout for Peter Conners’ White Hand Society The Psychedelic Partnership of Timothy Leary & Allen Ginsberg due out any day now from City Lights. It includes the entire transcript for the above “Hoseboat Summit” as it was printed in the San Francisco Oracle. While we’re on psychedelics (!), here’s a brief snippet of Allen recounting something about the drug’s history.

Following the subject a little further, we’ve just nabbed this nifty trailer for Conrad Rooks’ film Chappaqua that might well leave your senses reeling!


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