>Allen on Literary Censorship and Other Matters 1997 Canadian TV


Recently posted, this sweet video of AG, just a few months before he died,talking with Allan Gregg, Canadian tv interviewer (from TV Ontario). Always good to hear Allen’s always-timely and always-reasonable opinion on such issues and Gregg proves to be a sympathetic ear.

While we’re on the subject (we’ve been meaning to post this one for quite a while!), C-Span, in their video archive, have an extraordinary illuminating debate, “What’s Indecent? Who Decides?”, a recording of a meeting which took place before the Federal Communications Bar Association, on April 18 1990, in which Allen participated, and where feathers were ruffled (there’s some pretty dramatic interchanges), truth speaking back to power. The whole broadcast over two hours long has been archived. Allen comes on first about halfway into the proceedings (approx 33 minutes in – and, among other things, takes time to read to the panel members “Sunflower Sutra”). He comes in again at approx 60 minutes with a powerful declaration on behalf of “candor” and more than adequately holds his own against some explosive attacks from James Quello, senior member of the FCC, Tyrone Brown, director of District Cablevision (and sometime FCC member), Joseph Reilly, President of Morality In The Media and others.
Vintage stuff!


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