>Kindle Chaos!

Embarrassingly, we only found out about this last week. It would seem we don’t quite have our finger on the Kindle pulse just yet, and word of the formatting fiasco only got to us via the news. Craig Morgan Teicher explains in Publisher’s Weekly just what went down in his story “This Is Not Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl.'” NPR also ran the story, and shortly after that Teicher did a followup in Publisher’s Weekly offering some solutions for the very tricky prospect of formatting poetry in the digital world. The story also caught the eye of the University of Texas’ Digital Curation blog (must be the dept of Digital Curation?) “Poetry Needs Curation Too.” ( We couldn’t agree more!)

In the long-ago days of the typewriter, the first thing we’d do was to send out Allen’s “Instructions for Typesetting”, which we include below for your amusement & which we sent to Amazon. It’s doubtful they’d be much use in the world of internet code & formatting, but we’ll find out soon enough if they help Amazon sort Allen’s formatting issues.


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