>LA Times: Reading Howl and Howl

>Quite the reaction at Hollywood’s Sunset 5…

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–> Howl_oct1_1

By the time they got to the Holy-Holy-Holy part, the 50 poets and fans who’d assembled for a group reading of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” had worked up lots of momentum. Voices raised together, arms thrust in the air, people stamped. The event was scheduled but unscripted, appropriately chaotic; the sound guy got caught in traffic so there were no mics. No problem: a rough circle formed and people raised their voices one by one, sometimes doubling or overlapping. Read full story at LA Times >>

While we’re on HOWL group readings, here’s one from this year’s Howl Festival, conducted by Bob Holman, with Anne Waldman among others reading sections.


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