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Since the Sundance opening of James Franco’s take on Allen Ginsberg in Howl, I’d heard the movie was howlingly bad — which makes me think that some of the best critical minds of my generation have been destroyed by cynicism. The film, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, is an exhilarating tribute from one form (cinema) to another (poetry). Read full story >>

While your at New York Magazine, check out Franco’s favorite poems list >>

And then there’s James Franco in the October issue of The Advocate. (a few more day’s of HOWL press and we’ll stop, we promise. We realize it’s been a bit non-stop, but this kinda film only comes around once in a life time we figure, so why not lay it on thick!)

The Beat Goes On

James Franco isn’t a gay man, he just plays one—frequently. The busiest guy in show business takes a break to discuss how he came to play Allen Ginsberg in Howl. Watch a behind the scenes video with Franco here. Full story >>

And whether you’ve gone on to read the above or not, here’s an illuminating behind-the-scenes during the advocate interview youtube clip with Franco talking about the process of learning his Ginsberg role.

And over at LA Times Book Blog Carolyn Kellogg gives good props >>


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