>Presspop’s Beat Poet Figurine in stores this month

>Presspop’s Ginsberg Figurine is just about ready now. As you’ll see from the box below, the doll, designed by SOF’BOY creator, Sea and Cake’s Archer Prewitt comes with an unassembled uncle Sam hat, a choice of Plutonian Ode, Collected Poems, Howl & Other Poems and Kaddish and Other Poems that you can put in his hand. Also included is a cd mini sampler with 5 poems and 1 song, all unreleased.

Officially approved by the Allen Ginsberg Estate

” I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked……..”
The voice of the great poet reverberates even more, today!

Introducing the 3rd figure from the Great People Series by Archer Prewitt! The Allen Ginsberg Doll, officially approved by the Allen Ginsberg Estate. Comes with fabric cloth jacket, glasses, book, Uncle Tom hat, beaded necklace, and CD with 5 poetry readings and 1 song (all of the recordings are previously unreleased material). Limited to 1000 pieces.

content: doll, 5 accessories, and CD
doll height: 6″(152mm)
package size: 7.3″x5.5″x3.2″(187mm x140mmx83mm)
doll material: soft-vinyl
accessories: fabric jacket with 1C print on the back, book (paper), hat (paper), glasses (PVC), beaded necklace (plastic)

CD: 5 poetry readings and 1 song (previously unreleased recordings)
1.Bricklayer’s Lunch Hour
2.On Burroughs’ Work
3.Wales Visitation
4.Manhattan May Day Midnight
5.After the Big Parade
6. Capitol Air

designed by : Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake/SOF’BOY)
sculpted by: Kei Hinotani
release date: 9, 2010
retail price: 4,500yen

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