>Happy Birthday Gregory Corso!

[Gregory Corso, Tangier, Morocco, July 1961. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Gregory Corso & Allen Ginsberg. New York City, September 1989. photo c. Pamela Hansen]

So we thought a little walk through Corso was in line. Starting with a more obscure poem “Way Out: A Poem in Discord” published as a limited edition by Ira Cohen’s Bardo Matrix press in Kathmandu, 1974, posted here by the good people at Jack Magazine:

Next stop, Woodstock Journal’s memorial, published a few months after Corso passed away, including tributes & poems by Robert Creeley, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ed Sanders, Andy Clausen, Anselm Hollo and more >>

Of course we couldn’t mention Corso’s birthday without somehow bringing up Happy Birthday of Death. Here’s the frontispiece of possible titles he was considering:


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  1. >Gregory sometimes loses out in Beat histories–his work is certainly much harder to find than Ginsberg's, or Kerouac's–but he's a crucial figure, and although it's not always acknowledged, a big influence on the poets of the contemporary-alternative scene. The poem and the other pieces here give us a great insight into who he was and why he matters.

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