>Gospel Noble Truths

>Our friend Kirt Markle has been busy experimenting with collage images for quite some time. Starting with still images, he’s recently moved into treating video & film footage with visual collage & textures. This round he took on Allen’s “Gospel Noble Truths” performed with Steven Taylor, with stunning & pleasing effect


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  1. >http://blip.tv/file/get/107ans-theEvilsGirlsElectro219.mp3In a kind dayYou met a kind girland this kind girlhave a kind smilethenyou got to the park with the lovely girland thenyou met peoplewho walk oncool flowersthe kind girlwant to kiss youand you kiss her smoth lipsthen the kind people walk on your kind flowers andwatch out your girland then your so jalousthen find other parkwith other flowers and may be triesand then fine girltell you something strangeshe ask you if you yould like to gowith her in a fine townif the fine girlask you thathave to ask yourselfthe folowing and important questionwhere did people go ?who is behind the miror ?the kind men find kind girldidn't knew that she was the slave of another bad masterIf you've got spicy in your brainknow that the way you takebring you to the evil's girls

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