>Good Morning, Mr Orwell! Complete

>Ubu web now has the complete WNET edit of Good Morning Mr Orwell online, Nam June Paik’s first international satellite intstallation, edited from live broadcast between Paris, Germany and New York City, and inlcuded Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, George Plimpton, Oingo Boingo, Philip Glass, Thompson Twins, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Merce Cunningham, and Allen Ginsberg with Arthur Russell, Peter Orlovsky and Steven Taylor. Click on over to Ubuweb for the fullscreen version >>




Filed under Allen Ginsberg, Arthur Russell, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Merce Cunningham, Nam June Paik, Peter Orlovsky, Philip Glass, Steven Taylor

2 responses to “>Good Morning, Mr Orwell! Complete

  1. >i saw this by accident when it aired 1/1/84. changed my life, literally.

  2. >I like it. hard to read & hear some though. What does Big Brother's badge say? "Big Brother Watching"?

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