>Hank O’Neal

[photo: Allen Ginsberg, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones. December 1981. c. Hank O’Neal]

We’ve added some more photos to the Photography section of the Allenginsberg.org website, among them a handful by photographer Hank O’Neal, who took this classic photo of Ginsberg with Joe Strummer and Mick Jones of the Clash. Hank O’Neal worked with Allen and John Hammond Sr on his First Blues album in 1983. O’Neal had worked with Berenice Abbott for 12 years and soon after meeting Allen introduced him to Abbot just at the time Allen was rediscovering his craft of photography. Vist O’Neal’s site for more info.

Also definitely check Reality Studio’s 2006 interview with O’Neal just before the publication of Gay Day: The Golden Age of the Christopher Street Parade 1974-1983 a book documenting the early days of the NYC gay parade when he lived on Christopher Street. Allen notated these photos and they’ve reproduced this in the book. Unfortunately the book got very little push, and went op almost as soon as it hit the stores.


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