>Ginsberg in Charleville December 1982

[image: Arthur Rimbaud. Musee Rimbaud]

[Allen Ginsberg & Simon Vinkenoog at Musee Rimbaud. December 1982. Courtesy Joep Bremmers]

Dutch writer & scholar Joep Bremmers has been working on a Journals project transcribing Ginsberg’s European Tour journals from December 1982-February 1983, meticulously footnoted alongside the originals. They begin with Ginsberg’s trip to Charleville, Arthur Rimbaud’s home town, with Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog, sections of which we’ll post below. Bear in mind this is still very much a work in progress, and will likely form the core of a larger project on Vinkenoog & Ginsberg’s trip to Charleville. Check back for updates. Incidentally, a collection Ginsberg’s poems translated by Vinkenoog, is due out later this year by the Dutch publisher IJzer.

The first few pages are Ginsberg’s notes to himself, perhaps not that meaningful, but provide context as the first pages of the journal.


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    >Keep track on this Bremmers guy, he’s doing marvelous things!GreetzUncle Beef

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